Art Exhibitions

Alicia Framis – Taking flight

Alicia Framis’ work for the Wellbeing Summit for Social Change is a re-imagining of a paraglider’s clothing and apparatus for a filmed flight by Horacio Llorens, an aerial legend, five-time World Champion and Infinity Tumbling Guinness World Record holder.

AMPLIFIER ART – Aaron Huey and The Wellbeing Project

In early 2021, in solidarity with artists and in partnership with Amplifier Art and in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Wellbeing Project launched an open call for art that promotes wellbeing and social change work.

Carlos Garaicoa – Soñamos en la superficie rayada de un cristal

Carlos Garaicoa’s installation for the Wellbeing Summit for Social Change Soñamos en la superficie rayada de un cristal- will be created using multiple traffic poles with rear-view car mirrors and traffic safety security mirrors.

Daniel Steegman Mangrané – Fog dog

Filmed at the Institute of Fine Arts of Dhaka, Bangladesh, and shown at The Wellbeing Summit for Social Change, Daniel’s Fog Dog follows the daily and nightly activities of a group of stray dogs that live in the school.

Grimanesa Amoros – “SCIENTIA”

SCIENTIA, Grimanesa’s work for the Wellbeing Summit in Bilbao, is a monumental, site-specific light sculpture that will be installed at the Atrium of Azkuna Zentroa, opening for the Summit and remaining in place throughout the summer of 2022.

Himali Singh Soin – Ancestors of the Blue Moon

Himali Singh Soin’s work for the Wellbeing Summit has three parts – a pocketbook of flash fiction dispatches; an atmospheric space in which a visitor is invited to contemplate and journey; a multi-sensory performance experience.

June Crespo – CORE

As an acclaimed artist who lives and works in Bilbao – Biscay, June Crespo sculpts with materials such as fabric, concrete, fiberglass, plaster, and wax. Solo and group exhibitions in many countries and multiple awards have secured June Crespo’s place as one of the most thoughtful and inventive artists of her generation.

Mandala Lab Bilbao – The Rubin Museum of Art

The Mandala Lab is an interactive installation by the Rubin Museum of Art that invites curiosity about our emotions. Consider how complex feelings show up in your everyday life and imagine how you might have the power to transform them.

Miroslaw Balka – Now Here We

Miroslaw’s proposal for the Wellbeing Summit for Social Change consists of an installation of 30 bells, representing different cultures, along the handrails of the core venue of the Wellbeing Summit.

Mohau Modisakeng – The Water Drummer

Modisakeng’s work for the Summit takes the form of a multi-channel video installation composed of individual screens each depicting a water drumming sequence performed in unison by half-submerged bodies standing in a body of water.

Nikhil Chopra – Whats love got to do with it?

Nikhil Chopra’s participation in the Summit involves a residency period and a 2-day long performance, during which the artist will engage in both everyday actions, and the creation of a monumental drawing and atmospheric mise en scene.

PSYCHE – Science Gallery Bengaluru

Neuroscientists, chemists, doctors, psychologists, philosophers, mathematicians, systems analysts – each take us a few steps closer to unravelling the enigma of the psyche.

Remember This: The Lesson of Jan Karski

In a tour-de-force, solo performance, Academy Award nominee David Strathairn portrays World War II hero and Holocaust witness Jan Karski, a messenger of truth who risked his life to carry his harrowing report…

Shirley Tse – Quantum Shirley Series: Meditating is Porting to a Blissful version of Ourselves

Tse’s work for the Wellbeing Summit for Social Change is a free-standing sculpture, a portal that is comprised of 5 rings: they can be interpreted as the five kinds of brainwaves or the five elements in Tibetan prayer flags.

Sights and Sound – Museum of Art & Photoraphy (MAP)

Sights and Sounds presents a multi-sensory journey through six artworks in MAP’s collection. Each artwork evokes a mix of emotions like fear, joy and melancholy, inviting you to perceive works of art sonically in order to empower an aesthetic experience through the act of listening.

Sonja Schenkel – Chrysalis

Schenkel’s work for the Summit is called “The Chrysalis Force Field.” The Chrysalis meditation pods invite guests to build a contemplative force field near the conference center. The intention is to increase support and positive mindsets that are being shared at The Wellbeing Summit and beyond.

TONE Installation – Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller

“Toning” is a therapeutic practice where the natural vibrations of the human voice are thought to induce healing. I have found that using my voice in this way in the mornings, even for 5 minutes, allows me to feel calmer as I start my day.

Yazmany Arboleda – The Hospital for the Soul

The Hospital for the Soul is a site-specific art installation created by artist Yazmany Arboleda in collaboration with residents from Bilbao, Spain. For 11 days, visitors will be able to see the reflection of Magnolia Tree #5…

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