The Wellbeing Welldoing Network

Join Our Catalytic Community of Philanthropists

The Wellbeing Welldoing Network (WWN) is a group of visionary philanthropists who are deeply aligned with The Wellbeing Project’s theory of change: wellbeing inspires welldoing. Members of this intimate network not only contribute to the Project with financial support, they also bring their unique knowledge, experiences and connections to the network and Project, helping us strengthen our community and advance our mission.

WWN members sustain the Project in different and fundamental ways and in return, they benefit from new relationships, connections, insights, strategies and practices to apply in their social impact work.

Why Join?

Help the Project develop new insights, imagine connections to new sectors and spaces, and bring your own experiences and knowledge to our team.

Benefit from individual and collective learning. Connect directly with the work, the research and the community in exciting ways.

Participate with our broader community in curated experiences exploring inner development work and wellbeing such as our Wellbeing Summit for Social Change in 2025.

Catalyze the normalization of wellbeing in the social change sector to unlock the potential of innovative collaboration and meet the most pressing social and environmental challenges of our time.



Make a minimum one-time or multi-year gift.

Engage as a Group

Quarterly virtual gatherings with exclusive updates from The Project and the broader wellbeing field.

Help Build a Movement

Most WWN Members are eager to share and invite other like-minded people to The Project; however, we respect that each member has a unique preference and capacity to engage with us.

Donation Tiers

Empower Positive Change

Join The Wellbeing Welldoing Network and contribute to a culture shift that puts wellbeing at the heart of individual, social, and planetary change. Your support will contribute to unlocking more of the extraordinary collaboration and innovation we need to address the great challenges of our time. Gifts can be one time or spread out over a period of 3 years and can be made in Euros or US Dollars.



WWN members provide financial resources, ideas, and connections to The Wellbeing Project, which are fundamental to advancing our mission. Specifically, your contribution will drive our five pillars of work, while also contributing to the overall wellbeing of our organization and team.


If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Wellbeing Welldoing Network or want to learn more about how you can contribute to our mission, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with John Gasko. You can reach John at john@wellbeing-project.org.

We look forward to hearing from you and together, creating a world where wellbeing inspires welldoing.