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Embark on a transformative journey with Catalina Cock Duque as she shares insights from her 15-year mission in Colombia, healing the wounds of violence through Fundación Mi Sangre. Discover the power of collective support, holistic well-being, creative arts, and nature in fostering systemic change. Catalina unveils lessons on mental health, challenging paradigms, and the profound impact of personal journeys on professional endeavors. Join her exploration of inner work as a catalyst for healing systems and unlocking untapped human potential. This compelling narrative invites you to reimagine social change through the lens of mental health, resilience, and inner transformation.

Video games are now central to modern life, engaging people of all ages and genders. But, issues persist regarding violence and harassment against women in gaming. To tackle this, Movistar and L’Oréal Groupe organized the “Violence is Not a Game” event. Experts and advocates gathered to counter gender-based violence in virtual realms.

Digital spaces witness insults, harassment, and discrimination that harm women’s experiences. The dialogue emphasized countering such actions through awareness.

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Voices of Wellbeing

Voices of Wellbeing | Yazmany Arboleda, Artist

“As important as it is to take care of others it is actually to take care of yourself.”

Voices of Wellbeing | Deepa Narayan

“How can we have a deep inner realisation about collective power?”

Voices of Wellbeing | Mohau Modisakeng, Artist

“Time melts walls and barriers down”

Voices of Wellbeing | Wellington Nogueira

“Fear paralyses you, but playfulness makes you flow”

Voices of Wellbeing | Nadine Kaslow

“I use the Arts as a way to cope, to heal, and to flourish”

Voices of Wellbeing | Rajni Bakshi

“Nonviolence is love in action”

Voices of Wellbeing | Janet Cardiff, Artist

“When you’re allowed to really make noise, you realise how it affects your whole body”

Voices of Wellbeing | Dr. Sará King

“If you have a body, then you deserve wellbeing”

Voices of Wellbeing | Laura Calderón de la Barca

“We need to come together, to heal together”

Voices of Wellbeing | Mallika Dutt

“Without the earth, we are nothing”