From the very outset, in 2014, The Wellbeing Project was conceived of as a co-creation.  In trying to create cultural and systemic change we collectively saw that this needed the effort, insight and input of different groups all being woven together into a larger whole.

Today we have grown to be co-created with over 60 institutions around the world.  This includes leading nonprofits, intermediaries, foundations, universities, media groups, venture capital firms, museums, arts institutions and more.  Our Anchor Co-creators are: Ashoka, Georgetown University, Impact Hub, Porticus, Skoll Foundation, and Synergos.

The overall strategy for the Project is determined together, with the process held by our Co-creation Stewardship Council on behalf of all the Co-creator Institutions, and large parts of the Project are implemented with and by our Co-creator Institutions.We are engaged in an ongoing learning journey drawing on the strategic and practical insights of Co-Creators, the Stewardship Council, the Advisory Council, the board of directors, the team, partners, stakeholder communities and others connected with the Project.