The Being & Transforming Think Tank

A Think Tank Exploring Inner Work & Social Change

We are delighted to announce that Georgetown University and The Wellbeing Project are launching a Think Tank in September 2020.

The Think Tank will explore the relationship between the inner self and the outer world so that an inner wellbeing orientation informs the social change sector’s thinking and work, including educating the next generation of changemakers.

Our partnership aims to develop lenses that foster new insight and understanding, enable empathy, and inspire more meaningful and effective social change work.

Our ultimate goal is that this work enables community resilience and thriving as we face more complex challenges in the world around us.


We bring together thought leaders from The Wellbeing Project’s global network

And a number from within Georgetown and around the world.

We develop new research-informed lenses

For social change by connecting the inner and the outer.

Rooted in the research literature, and shaped by interdisciplinary and cross-sector global perspectives

We focus on lenses that help reshape orientations and profoundly empower the kind of extraordinary social change that we need in this generation.

The Think Tank’s work is global

And honors the voices of those who have already been engaged in these areas for a long time, actively seeking to converge with the Wellbeing Project’s emphasis on Art and Culture.

Intergenerational Trauma and Ecological Belonging

Are our initial focus areas.

Outputs of the Think Tank

Initially, we will focus on the publication of a meta-research paper that seeks to have an impact on three connected communities:

1. The Social Change Sector

A translational piece, communicating how these new lenses may make a difference in the social change context.

 2. Academic Research Community

A peer reviewed essay on the new lenses connecting inner and outer work, with specific inquiries into the themes, initially, of intergenerational trauma and integral ecology.

3. The Higher Education Community

One or more publications speaking to educators on the implications of this work for cultivating the next generation of changemakers.


Our partnership will extend to support a second arm of activity which is grounded in thought and action and made up of faculty, staff and students at Georgetown who are engaged in inquiry and design around inner work, wellbeing and ethically-focused education.

This work asks how a new education might infuse an entire curriculum, such that the relationship between inner wellbeing and the cultivation of changemakers are inextricably connected.

The primary goal is to strengthen the impact of many efforts throughout all levels of Georgetown’s curricular activity to support research-informed educational innovation.

Thank you to all of our wonderful partners who are making this work possible.

Please click here to contact us for any contribution ideas or general enquiries.