The Wellbeing Project is a global non-profit organization with legal entities in France and Spain and with fiscal partners in the US and Canada. As part of our collective commitment to good governance and as mandated in our Governing document, all legal entities are audited. These materials are available upon request by clicking here.


During the fiscal year of 2020, TWP’s total consolidated donations was EUR 793,309 while the total consolidated expenses was EUR 1,029,418 resulting in a consolidated net loss of EUR 236,109. The year 2020 was a challenging year for everyone with the onset of the global pandemic which was triggered by COVID-19. TWP experienced some reductions and delays in our donation commitments during this period. At a time when organizations were letting go of their staff or placing them on forced unpaid leave, TWP decided to retain all their team members. We were gratified and relieved that the great majority of delayed donations came through in early 2021.

Statement of Operations December 31, 2020 (EUROS)
Total Donations 793,309
Internal Team Salaries 660,117
General & Admin 82,818
Fundraising 17,759
Individual Development Program 38,239
Organizational Development Program 35,167
Research & Evaluation 93,267
Convening & Enabling 5,390
Storytelling 52,880
The Wellbeing Summit (TWBS) 43,782
Total Expenses 1,029,418
Surplus / (Deficit) of revenues over expenses (236,109)