The Wellbeing Project

Consolidated Financial Report
December 31, 2022

Consolidated Statement of Financial Position

Years Ended in December 31

Consolidated Statement of Activities

Years Ended in December 31
The Wellbeing Project

Notes to the Consolidated Financial Report, prepared by the Management

Note 1.  Nature of Activities

The Wellbeing Project (“The Project”) is a nonprofit organization, with offices in Paris, France and Madrid, Spain. The Association Les Amis du Wellbeing Project was founded in Paris, France in October 2017  and The Asociacion Amigos Del Wellbeing Project was founded in Madrid, Spain in June 2021.

The project is a global network of over 400 organizations including grassroots networks, global organizations, foundations, intermediaries, universities, and progressive businesses. Together they are:

  • Deepening the knowledge base for wellbeing at the heart of social change.
  • Learning and acting together to support changemakers and their organizations.
  • Convening Summits to galvanize a wellbeing culture regionally and globally.
  • Mainstreaming a wellbeing and social change narrative.

The Project also receives the support of the King Baudouin Foundation “KBF” (Myriad alliance) in the United States of America and Belgium, providing donors with a simple and efficient platform to support The Project’s nonprofit initiatives worldwide.

Note 2. Summary of Significant Accounting Policies

Basis of Accounting

The Statements here presented, had been prepared on a Cash basis of accounting, for both Revenue (donations) and expenses.

Consolidation Principles

The statements had been consolidated in good faith, by the management, combining the operations recorded under The Association Les Amis du Wellbeing Project (France), The Asociación Amigos Del Wellbeing Project (Spain) and the donations and grants reports received through the KBF. The Association Les Amis du Wellbeing Project and The Asociación Amigos Del Wellbeing Project structures are audited.

Net Assets

The Project reports information regarding its financial position and activities without any donor

Functional Currency

The Project functional currency is Euros. Any Foreign Exchange gain or losses are reported within other income (expenses).

Cash and Cash Equivalents

Cash held in bank accounts (France and Spain) is used to support the operation of The Project. The project also has Credit Lines used to bridge for larger than usual events, such as the Global Summit. Cash is the only asset reported by The Project since the beginning of its operation.


The Project’s operation is funded by the generosity of our donors and co-creators. This consolidated statement does not include investment done in the work of the Project by the co-creators and partner institutions who make their own investment for their own costs and shared programmatic costs. This investment matches or exceeds our budget.

Additional information is available upon request through the form on our website.