Declaration Of Wellbeing

The Words Guiding Our Movement

In the two years before the first Global Wellbeing Summit, which took place in Bilbao in 2022, we embarked on a broad collaborative effort to create ‘A Declaration of Wellbeing.’  Our global community of changemakers wanted to express the essence of this work through a public statement.

This inspiring document is the culmination of thousands of inputs received from around the world.  All of this input was then translated, through the creative talent of Ann Mortifee, into a shared vision for wellbeing. It serves as a profound collective declaration to our commitment to fostering wellbeing and highlights its transformative power in our pursuit of a better world.  Read the full text below.

A Declaration Of Wellbeing

By Ann Mortifee

A spirit of promise is calling us inward, to see ourselves clearly, to heal what needs healing, and bring harmony back to the earth. We feel it in the depth of our nature and rise to the call of life’s urge to evolve. We are pathfinders, caregivers, weavers of dreams, pilgrims on a journey to discover the self.

From every walk of life, every faith, race and culture the sound of our footsteps are heard. Inspired by the ones who travelled before us, we press on for the ones yet to follow. Moved by an ancient vision of a more compassionate world, we seek wellbeing for all of creation, for love and justice, peace and truth, to thrive and enliven us all.

We have learned that the light which ignites the stars is the same light that flows through all things. We are sparks in the body of a mighty creation, born to imagine what once seemed impossible. Together we cast a rainbow of hope, kindling thoughts and ideas to quicken, unfold and transform.

From deep, deep within, we know we belong to this dream that is wanting to be. Adventure with us and with patient resolve, we will heal our own hearts to bring health to the whole. We are warriors, advocates, lovers of truth. We are changemakers, story tellers, bringers of beauty. We commit ourselves to being well and at peace for this vast, most mysterious world.”

Declaration Of Wellbeing read by Jazmine Williams

“Why here? Why now? Why us?” A poem by Jazmine Williams

Inspired by Ann Mortifee’s “A Declaration of Wellbeing,” Jazmine’s powerful words explore our place and purpose in driving societal transformation. Experience the profound impact of her performance as she challenges the audience to reflect on the interconnectedness of our lives and the urgency for change.

Why here? Why now? Why us?

By Jazmine Williams

97% percent of human DNA
Is shared with stardust
In our very fingertips
are 4 billion years of supernova deaths and rebirths That traveled at the speed of light

Carrying in their dance between comets
A paint brush dipped in evidence of consciousness That culminates
In these bodies
On this Earth
Holding a celestial wisdom so ancient
humanity begs the questions
Why here?
Why now?
Why me?

On this planet suspended in artificial distraction We are the breath of remembrance
For our siblings seduced
by fear and greed and violence

The living proof that their wars are all in vain That the pursuit of power paid in blood
is a waste of an incarnation
We insist that apathy is not of the sky

We come from a home that all humans do
One that transcends corruption
And speaks in a currency of love and connection

The truth seekers and caretakers Dreamers and creators
Meet the world at the crack of its eye To whisper:

“There is nothing the descendants of stars lack”

Billions of years of space and time
are held in our frames
With resources at our disposal beyond our wildest vision boards Beyond oil and diamonds and exploited labor
Larger than global hunger
Bigger than burnout
relationships sacrificed for salaries
Or imposter syndrome

We are connected to the source Activated by rest and nourishment and the caress of silence
Between births of inspired awareness And deaths of dogma and ego

These bodies we inhabit are worthy of the grace We so passionately pursue for others
In fact, quiet as kept
Our wellbeing is essential to effective activism As we free ourselves

we free the world
Bearing witness to the miracle of one another
Like comets illuminating the dust that flew
Off the big bang to travel to the edge of the universe And create