Why Hearth?

Heart · Earth · Hear · Art

The Hearth Summits are bringing together changemakers to advance a hopeful vision of individual, collective and ecological wellbeing for all.

Invoking the spirit of a hearth – the space around a fire, where since the dawn of humanity, we have met to gather, bond, and connect – the Hearth Summits are where a new culture of social change is emerging.

They are an emotional and intellectual journey with inspiring talks and panel discussions, interactive workshops and immersive art experiences. It’s an opportunity to build relationships and enhance collaboration and innovation, leading to the creation of a strong, engaged and compassionate network. It’s a summit dedicated to the wellbeing of people and the planet, founded on an integral respect for ecological belonging.

It’s a one-of-a-kind gathering igniting a new culture of social change. Are you ready to join us at the Hearth?


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Meet the Hearth Summits

What can you expect at a Hearth Summit? The name says it all.
Watch to discover these groundbreaking events dedicated to people and planet.