Our Impact

Since 2014, The Wellbeing Project has worked to catalyze a culture of inner wellbeing for all changemakers.

After 8 years of collective work, we are seeing wellbeing entering the mainstream of social change. We celebrate the incredible accomplishments of our community. Our work now continues to embed wellbeing at the heart of social change for changemakers and for all the social and environmental change work we do in the world.


Together, we have:



Built credible evidence demonstrating the connection between inner wellbeing and effective social change through our groundbreaking research in partnership with leading institutions.



Built a coalition of 400+ leading global and local organisations which have begun integrating inner wellbeing at the heart of their organizations reaching millions of changemakers.



Increased the normalisation of mental health and inner wellbeing among diverse leaders, funders, universities, corporations and policymakers through our storytelling and advocacy.


A Global Network

Hosted the first The Wellbeing Summit for Social Change in June 2022 convening 1,000 social change, governmental, arts, and business leaders from 80+ countries to advance individual and collective wellbeing for those working on the front lines of social change. 

Learn more in our Annual Impact Reports


2023 Impact Report


2022 Impact Report

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2021 Impact Report

“Being part of a movement is personal. It is also aspirational. To be part of the wellbeing movement for social change is rooted in the belief that challenges can be overcome; that innovation can create solutions, and that all social changemakers- no matter their background- can lead healthy, balanced lives. Above all, to play your part in catalyzing a culture of inner wellbeing is to be optimistic that change is possible.”

Read our 2022 report to find out how together, we’re transforming optimism into action.

The team at The Wellbeing Project as well as the community and the coalition of people and organizations behind our work have achieved so much to catalyze individual and collective wellbeing, and to serve the needs of social changemakers who have been called upon to do even more during the pandemic.