Voices of Wellbeing | Nadine Kaslow

“I use the Arts as a way to cope, to heal, and to flourish”


In this captivating episode of “Voices of Wellbeing,” join American psychologist Nadine Kaslow as she explores the transformative power of integrating dance and psychology to heal trauma, intergenerational trauma, and vicarious traumatization. Discover how Nadine, an Emory University professor, provides essential support to healthcare workers during the pandemic, finding a delicate balance between self-care and attending to the inner world.

Explore the profound impact of “Healing Through Arts” as Nadine utilizes art as a therapeutic tool to address intergenerational trauma stemming from experiences such as slavery, racism, and child abuse. Witness the power of artistic expression in helping individuals navigate their healing journey while fostering connections with others to bridge the gap between reality and a more just and equitable world.

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