By Melisa Marzett

As Mr. Jackson Brown said: “What you give brings more happiness, but not what you get.”
Happiness comes to us from time to time, but people can achieve it themselves. When routine exercises take all the time, there will still be those who will be happy and have a good mood. And all because a person becomes much more pleased if a human has learned to benefit from any situations in life.
However, happiness must be earned. Those who manage to remain more favorable than others are working hard, developing the right habits to help to cope with unexpected problems. If you do not feel happy enough, do not worry – everyone has the strength to create the daily practices of happy people.

Ten habits of pleased people, which will benefit you:

Habit 1. Spend the day entirely on yourself, because you deserve it

It is good to have ambitions and take care of others. However, happy people know when to put things aside and devote all day care for themselves. Dr. Amy Kogut says that if we do not spend at least a few minutes every day, we are less happy than we could be. You need to focus on your needs and realize that your happiness is also essential and for this, you should start doing what will dilute the routine.
Taking care of yourself is an essential habit of many happy people. Even one day a week can improve your condition if you spend it on taking care of your good health.

Habit 2. Share qualms with friends

Sometimes things can get messy. In such situations, do not keep everything to yourself. Therefore, happy people are looking for support from friends. The perfect companion here is a friend with whom you can share experiences. Friends know how to listen and sometimes give useful tips. The main thing is not to forget to substitute the shoulder when they also need help.

Habit 3. Organize your time: to-do list and its implementation

Drawing up a to-do list is the perfect tool for organizing a busy person’s time. Happy people put their cases on such a list and ensure that all of its items have been fulfilled. This list should get everything you need to do in a day, regardless of the complexity. You will see for yourself how much happier you will be when you finish all the tasks from this list.

Habit 4. Do good to others

Being a kind person and doing good is the key to well-being and fortune. By making someone happy, you are going to remember the feeling, and the person you helped will surely pay you back in the future.
As Dr. Oliver Scott Curry of the University of Cognitive-Evolutionary Anthropology says: “People are social animals. Helping members of society, co-workers, friends, relatives and even random people (in some circumstances) makes it to where we feel happier. ” The findings of a study suggest helping others to bring pleasure, and mutual assistance is the only way to better the world.

Habit 5. Stop communicating with unreliable people, no matter how difficult it is

One crucial thing unites happy people. There are no untrustworthy people in their environment. A friend is a partner or relative, but your emotional well-being is much more valuable than indulging manipulators and people you are not sure of.

Habit 6. Make sure you do not starve and eat healthy food only

Proved: happy people eat too. It does not mean that you need to feed through strength, but, like overeating, hunger makes a person weak and causes fatigue. Agree, it is difficult to feel happy with an empty stomach.
This is what Professor Andrew Oswald says about this: “When vegetables and fruits are present in a person’s diet, his sense of happiness increases faster than these products benefit the body.” Find a snack in your full schedule, and your body will thank you.

Habit 7. Get organized in the workplace and dispose of rubbish

Happy people need a clean space, whether it is an office workplace, a studio, an apartment or their own home. Your thoughts will become much more apparent if you get rid of dirty cups, trash and other paper on the table and in general, it is much more pleasant to be clean than frantically looking for time to remove the mess around you.

Habit 8. You also deserve something pleasant – pamper yourself

A delighted person knows when s/he deserves something good. Shopping to pamper yourself is harmless and boost spirits, if not to make a toy of it. Try to reward yourself that way after completing a job or putting a big project.

Habit 9. Positive thinking regardless of circumstances

There may be problems with this habit, especially if your thoughts are full of negativity. However, the fact remains that a happy person is focused on thinking positively. Avoiding bad words in their address, such people look at everything through the lens of positive. Learn to do the same, and with each new day, you will increasingly come closer to happiness.

Habit 10. Last. No one is perfect, so learn to forgive yourself

Our mistakes in no way characterize us, and those who live a happy life know how high the power of forgiveness is. Learn to forgive yourself if you have been rejected at work or have been kept for the same course at the university. Life does not stand still, so let us be kind to ourselves!
Everyone learns in his/her way to be happy. However, the essence is that happiness is possible for all of us and we all deserve it. Adhering to the above habits, you will surely come to joy, simultaneously charging positive people around you and if during the night in your life, nothing has changed, do not be discouraged and be indulgent to yourself. Some changes take time, and they are worth all the effort!

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