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Discover the transformative power of art as a collective approach to healing and creativity in South Africa. Join sp(i)eel arts therapies collective’s co-founder and director, Marlize Swanepoel, for a visual expedition through sp(i)eel’s Families and Collective Futures, where the rhythms of nature guide our understanding of mental health and community resilience. Witness the vibrant interplay of drama, music, dance, and art as tools for reflection and growth, nurturing a society determined to overcome intergenerational trauma and foster collective well-being. Through the lens of the four seasons, delve into a narrative that echoes the interconnectedness of humanity, art, and the healing forces of nature in the heart of South Africa.

Video games are now central to modern life, engaging people of all ages and genders. But, issues persist regarding violence and harassment against women in gaming. To tackle this, Movistar and L’Oréal Groupe organized the “Violence is Not a Game” event. Experts and advocates gathered to counter gender-based violence in virtual realms.

Digital spaces witness insults, harassment, and discrimination that harm women’s experiences. The dialogue emphasized countering such actions through awareness.

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