Belen Gutierrez

People & Culture Strategist at The Wellbeing Project


I am an inveterate traveler, a lover of sports and my family. Hard worker and lover of what I do.

Some people define me as a good listener, great sensitivity, strength and good vibe.. but what I like the most is that they tell me that I am also a great human being -full of virtues and defects!-, open to continue learning and growing to be able to leave a positive mark on this world.

PEOPLE move me! Accompany and help both human beings and organizations to find their WHY, their purpose and wellbeing to achieve their essence goals, whether they are life, organizational and/or strategic. It connects me to work with the human and professional being that is inside each one of us to extract the best of ourselves. I have a clear conviction that if we work for purpose based on and connected to our values ​​and strengths, we and those around us will be happier and we will feel more fulfilled.

I am inspired by working with different cultures, environments and ages, learning from them and sharing my own experiences from having worked in different countries and in multicultural contexts. I vibrate with the magic that is generated by challenging ourselves, sharing and leaving our comfort zone because I feel that it is there where we learn and build our own legacy.

I feel happiness and serenity, because I am on the path I have chosen. I have been working in the world of organizations for 20 years, in management and leaderships positions in People and Culture in countries such as the UK, Brazil and Spain and I still have much more to do and learn as a People & Culture Lead in The Wellbeing Project.

What does inner wellbeing mean to you?

It is connecting with something intimate, sacred and powerful that I need to listen to and respect more

How would you define wellbeing in one word?

Inner peace

Are there any rituals or practices you use to enhance your wellbeing?

meditation, yoga, breath exercises, mindfulness, journaling, therapy, massages….a lot.

Why is it important that we prioritise individual and collective wellbeing?

I love and follow our statement “wellbeing inspire welldoing” and also I know as a coach what if I “don´t” care about me is quite difficult to “care of others”

Do you have any favourite books, podcasts, or articles that you believe support, promote, or educate on wellbeing and related themes? 

One of the first books I read was from OSHO “de la medicacion a la meditacion” and another from John Selby called “Immune-system activation”. Also I love to use different apps like: insight timer or calm. And super super recommend this podcast: “meditate this!”

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