As a result of the global pandemic, mental health and wellbeing have become center stage. The Corporate and Academia Group (CAG) was created to bring together corporate and academic leaders to contribute to the field of social change by sharing their knowledge of wellbeing and broader corporate practices. This novel initiative offers a space for reflection and discussion where members have the opportunity to deepen their own understanding of organisational wellbeing in dialogue with each other.


To create a platform of discussion to exchange ideas and learn from the wellbeing related work of each institution by:
❏ Sharing best practices and lessons learnt and create peer support among the members
❏ Gaining a better understanding of current trends such as the impact of the pandemic on wellbeing
❏ Learning what empowers organizations to transform their organizations/how they have shifted their corporate culture to incorporate wellbeing

To offer a different lens to help support more broadly wellbeing in the field of social change by:
❏ Sharing knowledge, resources and tools which can be applied to the social change context
❏ Developing new perspectives and thinking on the issue of wellbeing by reflecting on it more broadly

To collaborate on research projects by:
❏ Learning from the research and evaluation The Wellbeing Project has conducted on inner development
❏ Helping guide the organisational wellbeing research the Wellbeing Project is currently conducting

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