Clare Celeste

Clare Celeste

International artist and environmentalist

Clare Celeste is a Berlin-based international artist and environmentalist. She works with thousands of hand-cut images of flora and fauna to create immersive installations evocative of our planet’s threatened biodiversity. She is dedicated to raising awareness and action around the ecological and biodiversity crises.

My artworks depict our planet’s rapidly vanishing biodiversity, and her immersive installations overtake and transform spaces into teeming ecosystems.

She is dedicated to raising awareness around the ecological and biodiversity crises through my art, performances, storytelling, and guided discussions. Clare uses her online platform’s broad reach to spark engagement and amplify the voices of climate leaders and change-makers. Her recent installation, The Garden, hosted live discussions with leaders in climate, such as Dr Katherine K. Wilkinson and Heather McTeer Toney. Her events explore science and advocacy work and the inner work and relational reservoirs that can help us hold our uncertainty, grief, and joy in a time of planetary crisis.

Clare holds a Master’s in Public Policy from UCLA and brings together art and environmental advocacy. Her mission is to:

• Partner with those committed to a just, regenerative and biodiverse future powered by 100% renewable energy.

• Create collaborative works that engage audiences of all ages on the importance of biodiversity.

• Use art as a form of environmental activism.

Her work has been featured in the Guardian, Deutsche Welle, Oprah Magazine, This is Colossal, The Jealous Curator, and My Modern Met.

She lives and works in Berlin with her husband and son.

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