The Convening & Enabling Pillar brings together global and regional leaders in the field of social change to learn from Research, to work together to shift the culture and to explore a new infrastructure of support for everyone working in the field. together these global and regional leaders influence hundreds of thousands of social enterprises.

Engaging leaders of key global institutions in the world of social change in a multi-year learning journey. They have been invited to:

Bringing over 65 senior leaders of impactful social change organisations from around the world who play a key role in the ecosystems of social change together in a multi-year learning journey to:

Supporting a shift in the field of social change so that they value and incorporate inner wellbeing into the core of their programming and curriculum.

  • Learn from and help guide the research.
  • Learn from the wellbeing-related work from each institution in their networks.
  • Explore the question “What support can be provided to more broadly support the wellbeing of people working in the field of social change?”
  • Create a space for senior leaders to share knowledge, insights and best practices from the Project with peers.
  • Pilot initiatives and partnerships around ways to incorporate wellbeing in their organisations, communities and sectors.
  • Developing a strong, nurturing, co-learning community that models the work of the wellbeing.
  • Enabling awareness of, and access to the science and art of wellbeing through key models, tools, case examples.
  • Supporting the development, implementation and measurement of their programming interventions (across an institution, a department, a program).