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Regional Wellbeing Summits


September 13 – 16, 2023


Universidad De La Salle


Hosted in Spanish


The Wellbeing Summit Bogotá will be a unique summit where we will explore the concept of wellbeing and live transformative experiences through workshops, immersions, ancestral practices, and artistic presentations. In addition, it will teach you skills and tools that can be used in your daily life and work as leaders of change to increase your wellbeing and that of those around you.

It is the first iteration of the event in Latin America. It is designed for leaders and agents of change to inspire, learn and innovate with one another and craft solutions to problems that encompass the entire world. Participants strive to put forward well-being strategies so we can imagine the world we’d live in if it became accessible to all.


Antonio Briceño * Maestro sabedor, etnia Tikuna * Mayor Juven, etnia Coreguaje * Natalia Suárez * Carlos Eduardo Meneses * Mar Cabra * Dr. Richard J. Davidson * Ishmael Cala * Ricardo Silva * Piedad Bonnett * Camilo Hoyos * Dr. José Manuel Roche * Mireya Vargas * Dr. Edgar González-Hernández * Adriana Garza * Veronica Botero * María Paula Navas * Carolina Maduro * Antonio Daza Kulchavita * Eduardo Carvallo * Ana María Aristizabal * Gabriela Arenas de Meneses * Juanita Zerda * Héctor Aristizabal * Fundación Arturo & Enrica Sesana * Alejandro Marius * Salomón Raydán * Diego Bernardini * Jesús Aguais * Lala Lovera * María Adelaida López * Tejedoras de Mampuján* Catalina Cock Duque * Centro Espiritualidad de la Salle (Dharma) * Aldo Civico, Ph.D * Luzette Jaimes * Laura Pastorini (U-lab) * Michelle Arevalo-Carpenter * AFE/U-lab * Rosita Manrique (Liderazgo) * ANDI * Joshua Hammerslag * Sara Zambrano * Nicolás Demellires * Juan Sebastián Hoyos * Dina Buchbinder * Diego Ballesteros (Ancla Life) * Ayam * Mar Cabra (Self-Investigation) * Luis Camargo * Erika Laz * Carolina Maduro * Flor García * Maitena Moreno



Sept. 13

4:00 – 6:00 pm
6:00 pm
Artistic welcome
7:00 pm
Welcome cocktail


Sept. 14

8:00 am
Ancestral wellbeing practices
9:30 am
Welcome to the event
10:00 am
Writing to heal: How Iberoamérica is healing through its stories
10:40 am
Where are we now? Mental health and wellbeing in Iberoamérica
11:10 am
Artist performance
11:30 am
The vulnerability of agents of change as a tool for wellbeing
12:00 am
Dr. Richard J. Davidson: The 4 keys of wellbeing and mental health
12:40 am
Artist performance
1:00 pm
2:00 pm
Artist showcase: Los Dioses de América
3:00 pm
Workshops and round tables about lifestyles and wellbeing practices
4:00 pm
Emotional wellbeing for agents of change


Sept. 15

8:00 am
Ancestral wellness practices
9:30 am
Artist welcome
10:00 am
From Burnout towards wellbeing
10:30 am
Wellbeing for changemakers and social entrepreneurs
11:30 am
Wellbeing in business and institutions
12:00 pm
Wellbeing in the city and the civic
12:30 pm
Rituals, spirituality and religion in everyday life
1:00 pm
Keynote speaker: Aldo Cívico
1:30 pm
3:00 pm
Wellbeing at work, organizations and ecosystems
4:00 pm
Wellness, the environment, and the planet
5:30 pm
The future of well-being in Latin America


Sept. 16

8:30 am
Transfer to Elteatro.co
10:00 am
Personal Purpose and Wellbeing – Ismael Cala
11:00 am
Concert with special guest Fonseca
1:00 pm
Closing of the event

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The Wellbeing Summit Bogotá

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