The Wellbeing Summit Bogotá – Podcast

Join this selection of exciting conversations introducing us to The Wellbeing Summit Bogotá,  a unique happening highlighting the importance of promoting wellbeing among changemakers in Latin America. Prepare for a three-day meeting where we will explore the concept of wellbeing and live transformative experiences through workshops, immersions, ancestral practices, and artistic presentations.

Get ready to discover skills and tools that you can use in your daily life and in your work as change leaders, to increase your wellbeing and that of those around you!


Sandrine Woitrin played a vital role in Starbucks’ launch in Spain and France and contributed to establishing the CSR department for Grupo Vips and Starbucks in both countries. With a background in Naturopathy and a passion for alternative therapies, she now co-leads The Wellbeing Project, a global initiative in collaboration with esteemed organizations such as Ashoka, Impact Hub, Georgetown University, Porticus, the Skoll Foundation, and Synergos. The project aims to promote inner wellbeing for change agents worldwide.


Camilo Hoyos, co-founder of Fundación Gratitud, engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Catalina Cock, a remarkable entrepreneur, social weaver, and co-founder and president of Fundación Mi Sangre. During this dialogue, Catalina opens up about how her experience in higher education in the United States, coupled with a strong desire to remain connected with her country, served as the catalyst for creating this foundation. Their intention behind its establishment was to break down barriers and foster unity through impactful social transformation.


Mireya Vargas is a distinguished sociologist with expertise in Economics and Liberal Studies. As a Fellow at Stanford University’s Distinguished Career Institute, she focuses on research related to Sustainable Human Development and Well-being in Latin America. Her recent work delves into personal wellbeing, depth psychology, and cultural complexities.


Introducing this week’s guest, Silvia Haba de Merlo, Founder and Executive Director of Coimpacta. Silvia leads the charge in promoting wellness spaces and essential tools for Spanish-speaking social impact professionals. With a decade in the social sector, she drives projects focused on social-emotional skills and community building. Trained in economics and public policies, her international journey informs her passion for linking internal well-being with social transformation. Based in Panama for the last nine years, Silvia is a true global citizen with a mission.


Meet Andrei Ram, a renowned yoga teacher and founder of Breath Based Yoga. From Colombia, he rose as a Contemporary Dancer and holds an Anthropology degree. Trained by Master Sri Dharma Mittra for over a decade, Andrei shaped Yoga Teacher Training at New York’s Dharma Yoga Center.

With emphasis on breath, Andrei Ram merges Himalayan and Tibetan traditions, training instructors in 30+ countries. He revitalizes yoga for modern life with integrity and adaptability.


The Wellbeing Summit Bogotá will gather local changemakers across Iberoamérica in the region’s first summit focused on the intersection of wellbeing and social change. Honouring local culture, ancestral indigenous knowledge and traditions, and lived experiences of changemakers in the region, the Summit will introduce the wellbeing movement in Iberoamérica, sparking dialogues on how inner wellbeing contributes to positive social transformation.