Ricardo Paz

People & Culture Elder at The Wellbeing Project



Ricardo is from Venezuela and has Psychology/Human Resources degrees. He has dedicated his career of more than 40 years to the mission of developing successful workplaces, so people can realize their potential in them.

Joined TWP on May 2022 to advise on People & Culture and help to develop the Team to reach their goals.

Development begins with self-knowledge, and it never ends. Constant awareness of who we are provide us with BALANCE and that is WELLBEING for him: the dynamic and conscious effort to reconcile who we are and who we want to be.

A ritual he usually does is every night, before sleep, review what happened during the day and try to learn something from that day.

He follows Adam Grant, an American Organizational Psychologist and professor at Wharton School, with excellent research and individual development tips, including ways to improve your thinking and behavior.

Ricardo believes that you get what you give to others in life. There is also a connection between thoughts, words, and actions. That congruence is the beginning of BEING WELL individually and collectively.

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