Reflections from The WISE Gathering 2022


Lisa D. Hobson, PhD

Special Assistant to the President: Partnerships and Initiatives
Professor of Education, University of North Texas at Dallas

We arrive at points in life where we have rewards, blessings, immense joy, and satisfaction. On the converse, there are times we feel blindsided, defeated, broken, crushed, and/or simply torn and worn.

Subsequently, we approach each day, sometimes to just make it through that day. Sometimes, we attempt to not only survive and get through a particular day, but seek healing, advancement, and evolution whether in a thriving or challenging phase of life i.e. figurative winter and summer seasons. I traveled to Bilbao with that latter purpose while, in some respects, being in both seasons simultaneously depending on the area.

I arrived in Bilbao wanting to flourish, develop, grow, and learn more! I received much more participating in The Wellbeing Summit and WISE Gathering.

I have expanded networks and forged new relationships with wellness seekers and experts from all over the world to really do something important, meaningful, and beneficial. I left wanting to do more and be more to impact my space in the world and connect with others doing the same.

At first glance, WISE is an acronym that means Wellbeing, Innovation, and Social Change in Education, however, it also equates to flourishing, development, growth, and learning. The WISE Gathering afforded me those four constructs. I arrived and received what I sought.

The activities and events were perfect for me, giving me what I needed to heal, advance, learn, and evolve in different areas. All experiences were actually perfect for me, providing me with what I was to encounter and live in that period of time and beyond! I am compelled to be more intentional, engaged, reflective, patient, sensing, and tolerant. I am inspired to return to my institution to work with my colleagues to enhance and better the goals we collectively pursue.

Wishing everyone “Wellness Always and Wellbeing for Life,”

About Lisa

Lisa D. Hobson, Ph.D. is a member of The WISE Network, an educator (community and university), researcher, artisan, thinker, and mother! She has worked in K12 and higher education for 28 years. She believes in the communiversity model and wants to bridge communities (degree and non-degree seeking) with higher education resources and opportunities.

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