Learning for Well-being Foundation


We are a private Dutch operating foundation, with Public Benefit status, founded in 2004. We run activities in Europe, Middle East, the United States, and Latin America. Our team is spread around the world and works remotely but closely. We are guided by our values of courage, love, and integrity.

We envision a world where every child and adult realises their unique potential throughout their life, in supportive and inclusive societies. Our work focuses on combining human and social development by cultivating the capacities of children—and adults who support them—so that together they contribute to a fairer and sustainable world while realising their unique potential.

We act as a catalyst through mutually reinforcing partnerships aimed at bringing the voice and actions of children more fully into creating well-being for themselves and their communities. We create and share knowledge about learning, well-being and participation, so we can use the evidence to advocate for systemic change, and build the capacities of children, adults and child-serving organisations in learning for well-being.

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