Glasswing International

San Salvador,
El Salvador.

Glasswing International develops and implements diverse programming in Latin America, and the Caribbean, putting mental health at the center of solutions to the most pressing challenges of our time. Our goal is to build trauma-informed mental health ecosystems in partnership with educators, public health providers, law enforcement, and government and migration officials in order to increase access to critical mental health support.

Glasswing operates in ten countries in Latin America and the Caribbean and works with migrant youth in New York City.

Throughout Latin America, where millions are born into cycles of poverty and violence, Glasswing harnesses the power of community to create a safer and more prosperous future for us all. High-risk communities are transformed into secure centers of community and resilience. Through ongoing programs and projects that promote health and wellbeing, community members enhance core life skills, build supportive relationships, reduce their risk factors, allowing them to thrive despite adversity and rebuild social fabric from the ground up.

With our flexible and localized organizational structure, we are able to respond the needs of the communities we serve with varied and innovative initiatives. Everything we do is based on a deep belief in human dignity, agency, and potential.

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