Giada Cattaneo

The Wellbeing Summit Event Manager


Giada is an Italian adventurer with a curiosity about the world and diverse cultures. She left Italy some time ago, embarking on a journey that led her to live in different countries such as Estonia, Colombia, and Spain. Her professional journey began in Italy within the contemporary art field, where she collaborated with museums and foundations on interdisciplinary learning projects that fused the arts with diverse knowledge. Giada consistently contributed to press and communication, curatorship, and content development, eventually transitioning to the organizational side of exhibition production and cultural events.

With over a decade of experience in international events, Giada has evolved into a seasoned professional in event management. Her recent role as the Production & Breakout Session Coordinator, Head of Backstage & Program Manager for the international Technology Summit Ecosystems 2030 showcased her expertise in orchestrating complex logistics and managing diverse, bilingual teams. Beyond her professional pursuits, Giada adopts a holistic approach, delving into interests such as inner wellbeing, conscious personal growth, spirituality, and a profound passion for nature. This passion is reflected in her advocacy for climate and environmental causes.

Giada is constantly exploring new ways of inner connection, including the interpretation of dreams, yoga, tantra, meditation, painting, journaling, dancing, and conscious movement in all its forms, including barefooting. As a fervent advocate for positive social evolution, Giada joined The Wellbeing Project in 2024 as part of the Global Summit Team, contributing as the Event Manager.