Alejandra Mejia

Alejandra Mejia

Fundraising Coordinator

San Salvador
El Salvador

What does inner wellbeing mean to you?

Inner wellbeing, to me, can be encapsulated in a single word: “balance.” I believe that every person embarks on a distinct healing journey, and healing is a singular and personal adventure. Inner wellbeing involves discovering how to approach daily challenges with purpose and equilibrium.

How would you define wellbeing in one word?


Are there any rituals or practices you use to enhance your wellbeing?

1. Meditation every night, has proven to be a powerful tool in my daily life.

2. Lighting a scented candle, savoring a cup of tea, and journaling: It’s a soothing ritual that helps me find moments of calm and reflection.

3. Expressing gratitude with every payment I make: This small act has had a transformative impact on my mindset

4. Yoga and regular gym workouts to stay active and energized

5. Regular check-ins with my therapist: I make sure to touch base with my therapist at least once a month, and take medication when needed.

Why is it important that we prioritise individual and collective wellbeing?

It is important to prioritize individual and collective wellbeing because big changes begin at the individual level. By prioritizing wellbeing, we can break generational cycles of trauma, become more present, and act with greater intentionality. This, in turn, allows us to spread healing and wellbeing throughout all levels of society.

Do you have any favourite books, podcasts, or articles that you believe support, promote or educate on wellbeing and related themes?

Podcast: Life Kit from NPR

App: Insight Timer for meditations

Books: Real Life, Sharon Salzberg Good Morning Monster, Catherine Gildiner Real Self-Care, Pooja Lakshmin, MD Rest is Resistance, Tricia Hersey