Caroline Harroch

Corporate Academy Group Lead at The Wellbeing Project


Caroline Harroch is the Corporate Engagement Lead for the Project. Caroline joins The Wellbeing Project from a career in the financial industry in New York and in London. Most recently she was a Principal at Blackstone. Caroline changed her career path after a year long sabbatical when she travelled the world and explored her inner world. She is based in Madrid and is a mother of two very cute yet naughty boys.

What does inner wellbeing mean to you?

To me inner wellbeing is defined as a holistic state of being healthy physically, mentally and spiritually. Inner wellbeing is a journey, multidimensional and very personal.

How would you define wellbeing in one word?


Are there any rituals or practices you use to enhance your wellbeing?

Yes I meditate, practice yoga, forest bathing and spend as much quality time as I can with the humans that fulfill me and give me joy.

Why is it important that we prioritise individual and collective wellbeing?

Caring for our own wellbeing is fundamental in building a happy life. We can’t care for others if we don’t nurture ourselves first. We need to prioritise collective wellbeing in order to co-create a more conscious world. We all play a role in creating a better future.

Do you have any favourite books, podcasts, or articles that you believe support, promote, or educate on wellbeing and related themes? 

Yes so many… but one book in particular had a big influence in my personal wellbeing journey: Breaking the habit of being yourself by Doctor Joe Dispenza.