Alexis Adato

Special Projects Manager at The Wellbeing Project


Alexis is a social scientist and artistic mediator.  She’s dedicated part of her professional life to designing and facilitating processes to promote inner development as individuals and as part of the collective.  She’s proactive and a natural organizer, strategizer, and facilitator from events to meaningful conversations.  She has lived in 5 different countries and enjoyed each cultural experience to the fullest.

Alexis is fascinated by the human mind and the different paths we each take to return to our original human being.  For her, inner wellbeing is always coming back to the crafted path that connects the gut, the heart, and the mind to navigate each situation regardless of its intensity.  She believes that having wellbeing at the core of action allows possibilities to arise in our favor.

Writing morning pages, dancing, and practicing yoga are some of her favorite tools to tap into empathic listening and assertive communication.

An all-time guide for Alexis is The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom book by Don Miguel Ruiz, and a fun podcast she likes is Invisibilia from NPR.

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