The Wellbeing Project is focused on catalysing a culture of inner wellbeing for all changemakers.

We are a global initiative co-created with Ashoka, Esalen, Impact Hub, Porticus, the Skoll Foundation and Synergos. Our work is about demonstrating how individual and organisational wellbeing can be cultivated, building credible research, hosting a community of global and regional organisations in learning and putting this into practice, and storytelling.

We are working to cultivate a social change culture that is more human centered and at the same time unlocks the kind of extraordinary collaboration and innovation we need to address our great social and environmental challenges: a better world for all of us.


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“The rise of for-profit social enterprise is being reinforced by the parallel rise of impact investing and support.” Read this article and discover 4 mission-driven for-profit companies: https://t.co/kXlg0DqLsS @Forbes #thewellbeingproject

“Wellbeing for me is feeling less overwhelmed, more connected, less judgemental and kinder.” @mariannecamerer from  @UCT_news explains what wellbeing means to him during her participation in our Higher Education Initiative in South Africa.   #highereducation #socialchange