At Zirkozaurre we like to create and that is why we have our own company. It is the result of the desire and the research and improvement processes of technique and performance that we develop in our circus arts space.

Zirkozaurre emerged in 2011 as a commitment to the professionalization of the circus sector and our first productions were released in 2014. Specifically, the shows ‘Vademekun’, ‘Morse’ and ‘Akelarre’.

As a result of the above, we began to develop laboratory spaces that would accommodate artists from different backgrounds to share knowledge and techniques and generate synergies that would in turn give rise to new creations. This is how ‘El punto de la I’ and ‘Eten(H)ari’ came about in 2015 and 2016, respectively.

In the last two years, at Zirkozaurre we have been committed to breaking down interdisciplinary barriers and developing projects that explore new forms of dramaturgy and staging. The idea is to use movement as a starting point to build bridges between the living arts in the search for new languages and other ways of telling.

Within this framework, the show ‘Tiempo’, created in 2019, was a creation that combines dance and circus. Our latest production is called ‘Kobr3’ (2020), a fine montage in which juggling, synchronized and choreographed, is the protagonist.

In addition, we also develop customized parades and circus galas. And we are working on a new project together with the Municipal Band of Txistularis of Bilbao entitled ‘Sua piztuz’.

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