Nurturing Wellbeing for Leadership, with David Simas, President at Obama Foundation

The Relationship between Art and Wellbeing, featuring Joshua Roman, cellist, composer and curator, and Jazmine Williams, poet, writer and producer


New Year,  New Beginnings: Sowing the Seeds for Inner Work (Sharon Salzberg & Parker J. Palmer)

One quote I always go back to in really challenging circumstances is this quote from the Buddha, which was echoed centuries later by Martin Luther King, Jr.: ‘Hatred can never cease by hatred, hatred can only cease by love. This is an eternal law.’ And I believe this is an eternal law, of all circumstances.
– Sharon Salzberg

A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey towards an Undivided Life (Sharon Salzberg and Parker Palmer)

Insight is a powerful tool of completeness… in part because it allows me to integrate my brokenness into my sense of wholeness. What I need is some understanding of how that brokenness arose, what it has to teach me, and how I can embrace it rather than trying to run away from it.
– Parker Palmer

Connecting Mind and Body: Cultivating Somatic Awareness through Movement, featuring Reggie Hubbard and Itzel Hayward

I want us to entertain the thought that perhaps the body is here to help you do your work. Perhaps the body is the vehicle through which you make beautiful change in the world. And so as such, we need to treat it as the beautiful dance partner that it is as opposed to the stepchild. That’s one thing that I want us to consider.
– Reggie Hubbard

Looking Inward: Embracing our Shadow Selves, featuring Dr. Dan Siegel

You have a relational self that’s connected to people on the planet. You are all those selves; subjective experience, perspective, agency. And together, let’s try to bring more integration of the world. You’re not just a me, you’re also a we, and you’re both.
– Dan Siegel

From Acceptance to Healing: Exploring Individual and Collective Trauma, featuring Kim Rosen and Dr. Gabor Maté

Trauma is a psychic wound that hardens you psychologically, that then interferes with your ability to grow and develop. It’s not what happens to you. It’s what happens inside you, as a result of what happened to you. Trauma is that scarring that makes you less flexible, more rigid, less feeling and more defended.
– Gabor Maté

Resilience, Recovery and Post-Traumatic Growth, featuring Shelly Tygielski and Amishi P. Jha

Not only does sleep rejuvenate the body and correct a lot of metabolic processes that have exhausted themselves throughout the day, but it’s powerfully involved in memory consolidation. Just taking the experience of the last day, and integrating, ‘weaving it into’ the structure of the brain is one of the powerful things that sleep does, and that does allow for calming.
– Dr. Amishi Jha

Healthy Boundaries and Healthy Relationships with Others, featuring Judith Ansara and Robert Gass

A healthy relationship does not mean that everything is always easy or smooth, but it does include developing the skills, intention and capacity to work through challenges, difficulties, and disagreements.
– Judith Ansara

Exploring Interconnectedness, featuring Dekila Chungyalpa and Mark Coleman

We are related to biological organisms that were around billions of years ago. We breathe because of the role of trees and forests. Something as simple as our breath reminds us that we are nature.
– Mark Coleman

Embodying Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, featuring Justin Michael Williams and Sará King

I grew up in a home with gunshot holes on the outside of my house. The police didn’t even want to drive down our street. And there was domestic violence in our home and alcoholism. And also a lot of love. My ancestors, myself — we’ve always had to really understand how to hold this paradox of joy and sorrow, and grief and elation…and celebration.
– Justin Michael Williams

Real Change: Bridging our Inner and Outer Worlds, with our hosts Sharon Salzberg and Parker Palmer closing out the series

We have got to stay grounded not only in what we have been called to do, but what we are able to do… in order to sustain a meaningful and healthy life on earth. How do we intersect with all the many different realities going on around us?
– Parker Palmer


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Judith Ansara & Robert Gass

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Sufi Imam Ahmed Abbadi

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