The Wellbeing Project’s Statement on Racism & Police Violence | June 2022

Dear Wellbeing Summit for Social Change community,

We hope you had a great time at the summit. We will continue to share stories, memories and recaps. Thank you for bringing your love and energy as we created community and meaningful conversation.

We have much work to do.

Early this morning, there was an incident between a member of the Wellbeing Project community and the local police. We condemn all forms of police violence and racism. Over the last few days we have had multiple speakers address the racism that pollutes our wellbeing. We believe it is paramount to support and advocate for the wellbeing of change makers. It is why we exist.

We continue to offer support to our community member, cultivate the wellbeing of those on the frontlines working towards addressing these serious issues, and advocate for a world without racism.


Aaron Pereira & Sandrine Woitrin, The Wellbeing Project Co-Leads, and The Wellbeing Project Co-Creators