Tips for Flourishing

By Barry Kerzin, M.D., Founder and President of the Altruism in Medicine Institute

  1.     Be gentle and kind to yourself – practice self-compassion
  2.     Extend this to others – practice concern for others’ wellbeing; compassion and love
  3.     Be aware, be mindful, be present
  4.     Recognize your negativity
  5.     Grow your courage to work with your negativity
  6.     Transform anger into tolerance
  7.     Transform jealousy into admiration
  8.     Transform pride into humility
  9.     Stop beating yourself up
  10.     Say good-bye to guilt
  11.     Cultivate healthy self-confidence putting no one down, not yourself nor others
  12.     Come to our new compassion mindfulness app – AIMIcare

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