Wellbeing Inspires Welldoing

We are catalysing a culture where changemakers are well and their work is thriving

Changemakers are on the frontlines of the world’s biggest challenges. They are activists, community health workers, social entrepreneurs, teachers, nurses, social workers, and much more.  Their work builds a more caring and healthy world.  But the reality is that, doing this brave and challenging work, changemakers are at great risk of difficulties such as burnout and depression.  Trauma is often present for them and in the communities where they work.

We are building a culture of inner wellbeing where changemakers have support to take care of themselves and where it is clear that tending to their wellbeing profoundly helps both them and their work.

We are a global network of over 400 organisations including grassroots networks, global organisations, foundations, intermediaries, universities, and progressive businesses. Together we are:

  • Deepening the knowledge base for wellbeing at the heart of social change
  • Learning and acting together to support changemakers and their organisations
  • Convening Summits to galvanise a wellbeing culture regionally and globally
  • Mainstreaming a wellbeing and social change narrative

Over the last 8 years we have been at the heart of moving wellbeing in social change from taboo to entering the mainstream.

Regional Wellbeing Summits Series 2023

Awakening Wellbeing Worldwide

The Global Wellbeing Summit for Social Change 2022 ignited a worldwide wellbeing phenomenon! In 2023, 5 Regional Wellbeing Summits, hosted by our dedicated Project members, took place in 4 continents under one focus: to dive into diverse wellbeing approaches, fueled by local changemakers.

Join us for an enriching journey where you’ll connect, learn, and share diverse perspectives. Don’t miss out on this electrifying global movement – it’s time to embrace wellbeing like never before!

Intergenerational Trauma & Systems Change

Webinar Series

There is growing mainstream acceptance that trauma is a far more common part of the human experience than previously understood. Even so, a broader awareness of individual, intergenerational, and collective trauma has yet to permeate the mainstream discourse around social and environmental problem-solving.

Join this special webinar series, co-hosted by The Wellbeing Project and the Collective Change Lab, to navigate the challenging but ultimately hopeful waters of trauma healing and systems change.