Anita Sánchez

    Boulder, Colorado

    Anita Sanchez, PhD Transformational leadership & Fortune 500 corporate consultant, coach, and author. Anita was born into a Midwest family that was economically poor, yet rich in Mexican-American and Nahua (also known as Aztec) heritage. Fortified with the strength of her elders and connection to the earth, she became the first in her family of over one hundred first cousins to earn a doctorate degree. She has gone on to a career as an international transformational leader. Having experienced nine years of childhood trauma and the race-related murder of her father, Anita understands what it takes to triumph over adversity, choose post-traumatic growth and create a thriving life. Dr. Sanchez is committed to bridging indigenous wisdom and science with or contemporary work and life, to support our individual wholeness and collective conscious evolution in partnership with People, Spirit, and the Earth. With her loving spirit, presence and skill, Anita inspires people around the world to discover and trust their gifts, to become life-giving connections to all, in service and joy. With four decades of providing training and coaching to tens of thousands of global leaders and their teams in diversity and inclusion, leadership, culture and positive change, she is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council and Evolutionary Leaders. Anita is author of the international award winning and bestselling book, “The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times”, Simon & Schuster.