Explore exclusive interviews with Speakers and Artists from the Summit, with topics ranging from nonviolence, to intergenerational trauma, to grief, mental health, and the power of the arts.

Our Wellbeing Matters Let's Get The Conversation Started Our most prominent global issues — climate change, wars, pandemic, inflation — take both a physical and mental toll on us. In [...]

Wellbeing Rituals To Support Your Mental Health

Post by The Wellbeing Project Team Welcome to a world where mental health takes center stage, and every step forward is a cherished milestone on our wellbeing journey. As we [...]

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Voices of Wellbeing | Deepa Narayan

“How can we have a deep inner realisation about collective power?”

Voices of Wellbeing | Mohau Modisakeng, Artist

“Time melts walls and barriers down”

Voices of Wellbeing | Wellington Nogueira

“Fear paralyses you, but playfulness makes you flow”

Voices of Wellbeing | Nadine Kaslow

“I use the Arts as a way to cope, to heal, and to flourish”

Voices of Wellbeing | Rajni Bakshi

“Nonviolence is love in action”

Voices of Wellbeing | Janet Cardiff, Artist

“When you’re allowed to really make noise, you realise how it affects your whole body”

Voices of Wellbeing | Dr. Sará King

“If you have a body, then you deserve wellbeing”

Voices of Wellbeing | Laura Calderón de la Barca

“We need to come together, to heal together”

Voices of Wellbeing | Mallika Dutt

“Without the earth, we are nothing”

Voices of Wellbeing | Sennay Ghebreab

“How can we use AI to reduce inequality and social bias?”

Voices of Wellbeing | Suparna Diwakar

“How do you bring harmony between yourself and the world around you?”

Voices of Wellbeing | Dr. Rukudzo Mwamuka

“When you’re true to yourself, you’re able to reflect that to the people around you.”

Voices of Wellbeing | Justin Michael Williams

“When we have internal practices, it makes it more likely for us to find meaning in our pain”

Voices of Wellbeing | Dr. Barry Kerzin

“Handling grief with kindness, forgiveness, love and compassion, makes life easier”

Voices of Wellbeing | Grimanesa Amorós, Artist

“Light itself is part of our wellbeing”


“There must first be a Wanja who is taken care of, before she can be of service”


“As important as it is to take care of others it is actually to take care of yourself.”


“I haven’t figured it out but I feel like I’m going down some kind of path.”


“It’s you and only you that can make yourself happy.”


“Empathy on your own self that reflects on others… that is wellbeing.”


“Becoming this tool of social change is more effective when you have done this inner change.”


“Learning to love and treasure breathing has changed my life.”


“Now my work comes from a place of love, which is a far greater energy.”


“When Wellbeing came, I didn’t even think about it…I said ok.”


“I don’t think that there is one perfect time for somebody to undergo a process of wellbeing.”


“We live sometimes in a way that we are not aware of many of the things that we go through.”