Sue Griggs

Elder & Poet in Residence


The thread throughout Sue’s career has been focused on how to make a difference- whether it be in the lives of children, adults, or organizations. She loves to learn and to help others learn. She has worked as an Educator, an OD Consultant, a Facilitator, a Psychotherapist, and as an Executive coach – with people from the age of three to eighty. She has helped create enriching environments for small children, a more humane working milieu in a large corporation, a space for people to explore deep traumatic issues, and opportunities for people to become their best selves. Her latest position as an Elder with the Wellbeing Project is exciting, fruitful and in many ways highlights everything she has been attempting to accomplish throughout her career. She feels lucky to be able to help social change makers prioritize individual wellbeing so that they can collaborate better, innovate more and create a larger social impact.

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