State of Well-Being for Impact

The Track’s Opening Panel

SOCAP kicked off the Well-being for Impact track with an Opening Panel! This opening panel discussed the most current and urgent challenges that guided our experts in curating the Well-being for Impact track for SOCAP23. The content track’s Content Curation Council member’s shared their perspectives on the state of the field examined through global and regional perspectives.

Session Objectives

Main points and insights

Give the audience an overview/insights of what brought us to this moment where well-being is sharing the stage with topics like climate and social entrepreneurship at SOCAP

Preview the track’s sessions:
Each speaker shared information about each of the sessions that made up this track. 

The speakers shared some concrete examples of well-being for impact and addressed the limitations and challenges. Why is this so hard for a field that is focused on social impact?

Founder Well-Being and the Success of Social Enterprises

This session shed light on how founder and organizational well-being significantly impact the achievement of social enterprises, delving into the critical role of well-being in driving success, exploring the ways in which the mental health of founders and organizations shapes their ability to create positive social impact.

Core Insights

  1. Mental health differences are normal for entrepreneurs
  2. Founders have specific personality and psychiatric issues that can contribute to both their success and failure
  3. Data can be used for policy and program purposes, and for helping individual entrepreneurs


  1. What is wellbeing? “Wellbeing” is a flexible term. Let’s devote a few minutes to unpacking the various connotations and what’s most important for our audience to understand about the term from your various perspectives.
  2. What is the connection between wellbeing and founder success? We- and undoubtedly, the people in this room- read/hear a lot about the connection between wellbeing and founder/leader success. What does your work tell you about that connection?
  3. What can we do to strengthen wellbeing practices? In this room, we have entrepreneurs, investors, policy/advocacy leaders. What’s one priority you’d like to see everyone here adopt?