Sennay Ghebreab

Sennay Ghebreab

Professor, Program Director and Founder

Sennay Ghebreab is a Professor of Socially-Intelligent AI at the University of Amsterdam, program director Master Information Studies, and founder and scientific director of Civic-AI Lab. Sennay received his M.Sc. in Technical Information systems in 1996 and Ph.D. degree in computer vision and medical Imaging in 2001, both from the University of Amsterdam. Following his Ph.D he took a keen interest in cognitive processing related to bias/stereotyping as a mechanism to cope with the complex (social) environment we live in. In 2009 he established the Brain & Technology Amsterdam (B&TA) lab to study and teach bias in information processing from the neural, social and computational perspectives. Currently Sennay Ghebreab leads the Civic AI Lab, where AI technology is co-created with hard-to-reach or marginalized communities to improve social inclusion and equal opportunity in the areas of education, mobility, environment, health and wellbeing.

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