The Wellbeing Project is cultivating a shift in the culture of the field toward one that is healthier and more supportive of inner wellbeing for all those working to effect social change. We believe that the social change leaders who invest so much in compassionately helping others around the world need and deserve access to ideas, inspiration and resources to be well. Our overall mission is to support and grow the wellbeing movement. You can read more here.

The Wellbeing Project is co-created with Ashoka, the Esalen Institute, Impact Hub, Porticus, the Skoll Foundation and the Synergos Institute.


1. Let’s tell amazing stories together! Whether you’re a hobbyist or a pro, we want you to share your best photos with us.
2. Read through the following Legal Agreement (below) and sign it (e-signature approved).
3. Don’t let that inner voice stop you! Fear or thoughts such as, “Why would my photo be selected?”
can get in the way of our success. Instead, think “Why NOT me.” If you have no past experience as a photographer you still have an eye that we would like to see.

Get inspired!


We work on a collaborative way aspiring to provide knowledge, perspective and insight in order to inform and inspire wellbeing.

Please kindly upload jpegs that are a minimum of 1200 pixels on the longest side (but up to 2000 pixels is fine) and no more than 10MB.


A) You warrant, in respect of the photographs submitted by you, as follows:

1. To the best of your knowledge, the photographs do not contain any infringing, threatening, false, misleading, abusive, harassing, libelous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, scandalous, inflammatory, pornographic or profane content.

2. To the best of your knowledge, the photographs do not contain any material that could constitute or encourage conduct which would be considered a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate any law.

3. The photograph does not infringe upon the copyrights, trademarks, contract rights, or any other intellectual property rights of any third person or entity, or violate any person’s rights of privacy or publicity, and your photograph does not include:

– trademarks owned by third parties.
– copyrighted materials owned by third parties.
– names, likenesses or other characteristics identifying celebrities or other public figures,
living or dead.
– entries in which you have purchased or secured the rights to use stock images.

4. You are the sole copyright owner and creator of the photographs.

5. You confirm that each person depicted in the photograph has granted permission to be portrayed as shown—and has the right to grant that permission. Any costumes, props or other materials used must be rented or borrowed with the permission of the owner, and all other relevant permissions must have been obtained.

6. Images that purport to be “news” photographs, reporting, photojournalism, or documentary photography, should comply with the ethical guidelines of the National Press Photographers Association (https://nppa.org/code-ethics) in general, as well as those proposed by UNICEF for ethical reporting on children (https://www.unicef.org/ceecis/media_1482.html). No people or objects may be added, rearranged, reversed, distorted or removed from a photograph. If images are staged, this should be made clear in the written statements and captions. It is important, always, to take into account the ethical considerations of photography, and to protect vulnerable people from potential harm that could be inflicted as a result of publishing images that expose or identify individuals or groups who may be or may become vulnerable as a result of the publication of the photographs.