Overcoming Grief and Loss

Overcoming Grief and Loss Toolkit

– By Dr. Barry Kerzin, Cris Ferraz Prade & Clara Oyuela


Dr. Barry Kerzin

Cris Ferraz Prade

Clara Oyuela


Barry, Cris and Clara take us on a journey to explore how to overcome grief and loss. With each of them bringing their own perspectives and personal experiences to the table, they invite us to integrate insights from Psychology to Buddhism in this process of inner work.


Good to You

Through a rap, the Altruism in Medicine Institute inspires us to be good people by being good to ourselves first.

Emotional News

The Altruism in Medicine Institute shares a rap about why it is not only important to take care of our physical hygiene and introduces the concept of emotional hygiene.

11 Tips to Flourish

Barry shares 11 tips for practices that you can incorporate in your daily life that will help you flourish.

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