Imre Vegvari

Program Curator at The Wellbeing Project

Imre started working together with The Wellbeing Project in 2020 in order to participate in the design, crafting and delivery of the first Global Wellbeing Summit in 2022. His passion and experience for designing events, scouting and preparing speakers originates mainly from his strong connection with TED. Reading, watching, attending and organizing – may those be TED Books, Conferences Talks or TEDx events – is one of his favourite activities.

A father of three, Imre is deeply involved in making the globe a more sustainable, fairer and more free place to live. As all meaningful change must come from within, the intriguing organic relationship between inner wellbeing and the state of the world never ceases to amaze him, making him very happy to be able to help the development of The Wellbeing Project.

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