Changemakers At The Frontline

In solidarity with artists and in partnership with Amplifier Art, The Wellbeing Project launched an open call for art that promotes wellbeing and social change work for us all, and especially for changemakers responding at the frontlines (nurses, community workers, teachers and more).

We asked artists to help inspire and uplift language on mental health and wellbeing and to imagine a world we know is possible on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We saw over 10,000 incredible submissions from all over the world.

All artwork has been judged by senior members of the arts community including Nancy Spector (Chief Curator, Guggenheim) and Vicente Todoli (Former Director, Tate Modern). It has been screened for appropriateness for mental health and wellbeing messaging by key members of the health community such as Dr Richard Davidson (Founder and Head of the Center for Healthy Minds, University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Dr Michele Barry (Director of the Center for Innovation in Global Health, Stanford University).

The winning awards were funded entirely by philanthropists from a pool of $35K. They are available below as free downloads for anyone to print and share.

Please help us by distributing these symbols widely, both online and in the physical locations where they are needed most.


Download & Share For Free

*These free downloadable posters may not be sold or used for profit. The Wellbeing Project & Amplifier do not authorize illegal postings. Be aware of laws in your local community.