Edgard Gouveia Jr

Edgard Gouveia Jr

Co-founder, Architect and Professor

Edgard Gouveia Jr never tires of putting people to play. Architect and Urbanist and Post Graduate in Cooperative Games, he dedicates his career to mobilize children, youth and adults by designing and applying virtual games, scavenger hunts and collective actions that lead to small community revolutions. He is the president of Epic Journey, a company that promotes the regenerative communities in organizations such as companies, schools and NGOs. Co-founder of LiveLab hat specifically acts with the youth leading regeneration in their own communities, highlighting Jornada X and Primavera X

Ashoka, Berkana Exchange and TRIP Transformers Fellow, Professor of Post-graduation Cooperative Games Pedagogy at YIPMSLS SWEDEN, Knowmads in the Netherlands and Gaia Training in Brazil. He is co-founder or partner of other organizations and programs such as Projeto Cooperação, Elos Institute, Warriors Without Weapons Program and the Oasis Game.

Lecturer in several TEDx and international consultants in countries in Europe, North America and Asia where he applies social technologies such as Cooperative Games, World Cafe, Open Space, Circular Dances, Nonviolent Communication and Jornada X. He is the creator of Jornada X, an online scavenger hunt that challenges children and young people in real-world tasks and aims to engage 2 billion people to restore balance in the Biosphere. He believes that changing the world can be fast, fun and without putting your hand in your pocket.

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We are stronger than we look: Edgard Gouveia Jr. at TEDxAmazonia

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