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A Declaration of Wellbeing

A spirit of promise is calling us inward, to see ourselves clearly, to heal what needs healing, and bring harmony back to the earth. We feel it in the depth of our nature and rise to the call of life’s urge to evolve. We are pathfinders, caregivers, weavers of dreams, pilgrims on a journey to discover the self. 

From every walk of life, every faith, race and culture the sound of our footsteps are heard. Inspired by the ones who travelled before us, we press on for the ones yet to follow. Moved by an ancient vision of a more compassionate world, we seek wellbeing for all of creation, for love and justice, peace and truth, to thrive and enliven us all.

We have learned that the light which ignites the stars is the same light that flows through all things. We are sparks in the body of a mighty creation, born to imagine what once seemed impossible. Together we cast a rainbow of hope, kindling thoughts and ideas to quicken, unfold and transform. 

From deep, deep within, we know we belong to this dream that is wanting to be. Adventure with us and with patient resolve, we will heal our own hearts to bring health to the whole. We are warriors, advocates, lovers of truth. We are changemakers, story tellers, bringers of beauty. We commit ourselves to being well and at peace for this vast, most mysterious world.  

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