Dan Morse

Dan Morse is the co-founder of Social Prescribing USA, a network of leaders working to advance the US Social Prescribing movement. His team of volunteers are coordinating a US grassroots physician movement, organizing a network of 400+ experts, and catalyzing prospective pilot studies in collaboration with professors at Harvard, Stanford, University of Michigan, reps from hospitals, Cleveland Clinic, and the NIH. Aimed to be the “public town square” of the moment, the organization is also building a free site to allow people to find social prescriptions by zip code.

Dan has spent the past decade focused on social determinants of health, from organizing place-based health interventions in Detroit to founding an award-winning health empowerment restaurant. Today, Dan is on the founding team of a new Bachelor’s degree-granting college in San Francisco, called Make School (now Dominican University). The college prepares students from disadvantaged backgrounds to get jobs at companies like Apple, Google, Tesla, and NASA. Dan has pioneered data-driven programs that address students’ social determinants of health and foster academic success. He graduated from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business with honors.