Cris Ferraz Prade

Cris Ferraz Prade


Cris has been working as a psychotherapist for over 20 years. She graduated in psychology from Mackenzie University and has a Master in music therapy from New York University. She specialized in Grief and Bereavement, by the Instituto 4Estações.

She worked in hospitals in the USA (Beth Israel and Mount Sinai), in Brazil (Beneficência Portuguesa Hospital, Israelita Albert Einstein Hospital and Sírio Libanês Hospital) and in the UK (Royal Trinity Hospice).

Cris is a founding partner of Casa do Cuidar, Practice and Education in Palliative Care Association. Currently vice-president of the institution residing in England, where she has a pravite practice, coordinates the on line basic multiprofessional course and supervises Casa Paliativa project.

During the pandemic Cris created a new project, Vital Kompass, where she explores different pathways to promote mental health as well as ways to expand the philosophy of palliative care.

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