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Real Life. The Journey from Isolation to Openness and Freedom

by Sharon Salzberg

No one is immune to the different seasons of life. Yet we are often ill-prepared to navigate these natural ups and downs without undue pain and suffering. In her twelfth book, Real Life, NY Times bestselling author Sharon Salzberg contemplates the skills needed to traverse the larger cycles of life, drawing from forty-plus years of experience in the Buddhist tradition. Applying contemplative tools, we can learn to live more fearlessly―moving from constriction and isolation to a more spacious place of possibility, creativity, connection, and joy.

In Real Life, Sharon sets a path out for us, merging the insights of inspiring voices with her own teachings to:

  • Uncover a deeper sense of ourselves
  • Expand our vision of what’s possible for ourselves
  • Align our words, hearts, and actions with our core values
  • Navigate loss without getting stuck in bitterness or disconnect
  • Carry a sense of community with us, even in stormy times
  • Recover from the emotional effects of crisis
  • Learn the art of letting go and beginning again
  • Build emotional intelligence to face times of difficulty without fear
  • Seek out joy in everyday life, even when things don’t go our way
  • Befriend ourselves on the journey of being human

Embark on the journey to embody a life of curiosity, authenticity, and freedom.