The Wellbeing Project’s vision and work is co-created by Ashoka, Esalen Institute, Fetzer Institute, Skoll Foundation and Synergos Institute.

Our three year project is organised and carried out through four pillars.


Supporting experienced social change leaders in finding and nurturing a deeper sense of wellbeing within themselves through a personally supportive program.

A total of 60 Social Change Leaders (3 cohorts) from Ashoka, Schwab, Skoll and Synergos, coming from over 45 countries, participating in our 18-month program consisting of:

  • Retreats (one every 6 months): participants work with three facilitators over 6 days engaging in group and individual exploration, bodywork, and processwork
  • Individual Program: participants are supported in finding either an individual or a program with whom they can regularly do inner work
  • Peer Calls: participants are also supported in integrating their ongoing development into their work and personal lives through monthly small facilitated group calls
  • Wisdom Teachers: ongoing seminars with outstanding wisdom teachers from different practices and backgrounds


Conducting a research evaluation that explores the effect of inner work, and connections between inner work and the quality and effectiveness of social change.

A developmental evaluation lasting 3 years to understand the connection between personal development and the quality and effectiveness of social change

  • Working at the field level
  • With both qualitative and quantitative metrics
  • Broadly sharing everything that is learned and developed through the project

The evaluation is adaptive and participatory in nature. The evaluator is embedded in the initiative as a member of the cohort. Through the developmental evaluation process, the information gleaned in each phase of the evaluation is used to refine the methodology. This information is gathered through interviews, case studies, reflective practice and analysis of existing documentation provided by cohort members.

Information specific to how inner development impacts the participant, his/her institution, each cohort community, and the sector will be harvested through quarterly reports created by the evaluators which respond to a series of guiding questions.


Convening global and regional leaders in the field of social change, to learn from research, to work together to shift the culture and to explore a new infrastructure of support for everyone working in the field.

Together these global and regional leaders influence hundreds of thousands of social enterprises.

Learning Partner Group: engaging leaders of key global institutions in the world of social change in a 2 year learning journey.  They have been invited to:

  • Learn from and help guide the research;
  • Learn from the wellbeing-related work from each institution in their networks;
  • Exploring the question “What support can be provided to support more broadly the wellbeing of people working in the field of social change?”

Ecosystem Network: bringing 50 senior leaders of impactful social change organisations from around the world who play a key role in the ecosystems of social change together in a 2 year learning journey to:

  • Share knowledge, insights and research from the Project;
  • Create a space for senior leaders to share knowledge and best practices with peers; and
  • Pilot initiatives and partnerships around ways to incorporate wellbeing in their organizations, communities and sector.


Collecting and broadly sharing the stories from social change leaders about the impact of personal work on their personal and professional lives.

To tell engaging stories that resonate within the social change eco-system that increases the project awareness and the engagement among social change leaders and change makers.

To inspire and support them in connecting deeper to their inner selves and bringing that new connection to their work and to their organizations through a caring communication network.

Making it possible for people to explore the shift that different organizations working in social change are undertaking to prioritize and respect the inner wellbeing of their teams and constituencies.

As an international project, our initiative is housed with two major fiscal sponsors  
  • The Fondation Roi Baudouin in Europe and the US
  •  The Tides Canada Foundation in Canada 
We can give tax-receipts for donations, please contact us!

Donations in Europe outside of Belgium: please contact us.

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