We are thrilled to start exploring the issue of inner wellbeing in the field of social change more broadly – looking at “How are we doing?” – together with Impact Hub and the Ford Foundation, who are two key anchors within this 6-month survey process.

This survey entails the following key aspects:

  • It gradually unfolds in 6 stages to explore the inner wellbeing of social changemakers playing many different roles within different organizations and movements
  • Shares learnings along the way, both with participants and our community, as well as building a broader picture following the survey process
  • Has a global reach that uncovers and provides insights from all parts of the world
  • Reaches out to over 12,000 people, resulting in a superb and heterogeneous sample with a wide diversity in backgrounds
In addition to Impact Hub and the Ford Foundations’ networks, we will also reach out to organizations, people, groups that make up our Ecosystem Network and members of our Learning Partner Group. By doing this, we aim to create a first iteration of exploring the theme of Wellbeing in a broader fashion.
Further information on the research methodology:
We will apply a Delphi approach, where a group of participants with shared experiences and knowledge is identified and questioned, using both open- and closed-ended questions. The results are analysed and subsequently fed back to participants so that they can better visualize the similarities and differences with other responses from the group. Each of the 6 rounds is followed by a similar analysis.
Stay tuned!