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Write content and take photographs that educate and inspire others to create more wellbeing in their lives?

Provide a unique perspective or voice as a blogger or a photographer?

Write or photograph for a global community that is invested in thriving?

Be part of a diverse, inclusive team of talented writers or photographers?

Why not bring your writing or photography skills and your passion for wellbeing to The Wellbeing Project?

We are currently looking for volunteer writers or photographers to become contributing members of our writing team.



ANALYST – Experience with strategic analysis, working at a project-wide level and with senior leaders. Click here for more information.

COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT & SEO EXPERT – To advise and assist the Storytelling team. Click here for more information.

COLLABORATION AND KNOWLEDGE MANAGER – To support the leadership team on partnerships, strategic analysis and research, and coordinate the Higher Education Initiative. Click here for more information.

ORGANISATIONAL CHANGE COACH – To support organisations in a shift toward becoming human-centred and weaving wellbeing into the organisational structure. Click here for more information.


TECH VOLUNTEER – To support our Coordination team with the various technology related issues within our internal operations and Project team. Click here for more information.

Please contact us if you would like to volunteer!

We are always looking for talent and will try to find the best fit for you with The Wellbeing Project’s mission.