We are sharing the core findings of The Wellbeing Project in the social impact sector and society as a whole to catalyze a culture that encompasses wellbeing.

The Wellbeing Project Storytelling strategy has been conceived as a way to offer compelling content and activity to support a shift in the field of social change towards one that prioritises wellbeing. We seek to inspire others to interact with the world around them in a new and different way by looking both inwards and outwards.

We weave the Project’s core research findings and guiding ethos into various cultural intersections. We are creating a stream of global, relevant and inspiring content through various media channels with a view to engaging a large number of key audiences.

Our aim is to ignite a cultural critical mass around the shift towards wellbeing, gradually building on the media broadcasted throughout our network, by:

  • Creating video, audio and experiential content through our owned media channel named ‘SHIFT’ and through the channels of co-creator and partner institutions.
  • Undertaking a two year arts-infused and arts-informed journey exploring inner wellbeing and social change both locally in Bilbao and globally through engagement with members of The Wellbeing Project community.
  • This journey will culminate with a large scale event in Bilbao.